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"Your Vision. Our Passion!"

Welcome to Kensington Optometry!

Welcome to Kensington Optometry!

At Kensington Optometry we are committed to providing you with the best professional and the most personalized eye care available. Patients are assured by our courteous and welcoming staff of the care and concern they will receive when visiting Kensington Optometry for routine eye examinations, or for any type of eye care concern.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Uniquely Complete Eye Exams
  • Guaranteed Fit Progressive Lenses
  • Guaranteed Fit Contacts
  • Wide Selection of Frames
  • Advanced FDA Approved Light Weight Lenses
  • Finest State-of-the-Art Lenses

Kensington Optometry's reputation of excellence and service will be evident the first time you walk into the office. Our modern, technologically advanced office, along with Dr. Cotteral's years of experience allow us to fit any type of prescription in contacts or glasses.

If during your thorough exam an eye problem is detected such as cataracts, retinal detachment or any other eye care matter, one is referred to a surgery facility best suited to the patients needs. This way your eye care needs including surgery, are taken care of by the best qualified doctor for your particular problem, which assures the best possible care.

The doctors at Kensington Optometry have committed their professional careers to providing you the best possible eye care and continually upgrading themselves and the practice on the latest approaches to advanced, state of the art and personalized eye care.

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Blog Notice!

"Wonderful service! Brought my 3 kids and everyone had a great time. Staff was friendly and very helpful."

-Cassandra L., Oakland, CA

"Thank you for your warm and professional service. We always enjoy your office."

-Irene W., Kensington, CA

"Thank you for working so hard to get my eyeglasses correct. You are a very professional office and I appreciate your effort and expertise."

-Amelia K., Orinda, CA

"The service at Kensington Optometry stands out. The staff is always there to help you, whatever the problem."

-Henry H., Berkeley, CA